Wednesday, February 15, 2017

“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven”

Dear Prayer Partners,

A Time to to be Born (again): For several months we have been praying for a number of people in our village who are strangers to the grace of God. Three of whom recently made professions of faith in Christ. We rejoice for Mama Nada and her 17 year-old son Nada, who both professed Christ coming from a nominal Muslim background.  Also, we rejoice for Mama Queeni, a Barabaig woman who was saved out of a pagan background. Please continue to pray for these three young believers as we begin discipliship with them.
A Time to Die:  As I looked over our last prayer letter, I was reminded again of the goodness of God and His perfect timing. We rejoiced over the baptism of several people, one of whom was an older gentleman named Moses.  Three days before Christmas he became ill, and we took him to four different hospitals to try to get him medical care; but on Christmas day, he went home to be with the Lord.  I rejoice to know that God brought Moses to faith in Christ when He did.  Unfortunately, however, Moses left behind a 15 year-old daughter (Elizabeti) and a wife who is mentally ill.  Please pray for this family.  Especially since Elizabeti just learned that she is pregnant. She has repented of her sin, but now she faces a number of very challenging decisions.
A Time to Learn: Many of you have been in prayer for Ema, the young man who is helping us in the ministry in Mapea. We thank God that he has been given the opportunity for further pastoral training through a Bible college here in Tanzania called BTCP (Bible Training College for Pastors). Please continue to pray for him as every few months he travels 12 hours by bus for two weeks of intensive ministry training.  Pray also for wisdom, protection, and patience as he gains practical ministry experience day to day in Mapea.
A Time to Build: We rejoice that God continues to build his church as He has promised.  Recently we have seen attendance averages around 80, with spikes as high as 90.  This is a great blessing, but unfortunately the area we are currently meeting in is very small.  Last year we were able to purchase a small piece of property, and Lord willing we will begin the building process on that land in just a few weeks. We are seeking to do all of the building without outside support, so please pray for the church to be united in sacrificial giving, serving, and working. This is especially difficult since we are facing a period of drought, and the vast majority of our church members are subsistence farmers or herders.  Would you join with us in praying for God to send rain to this dry and needy land?

                A picture of our church family filing out of the meeting area
Together for His Glory,

Aaron & Nicole Shipe

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