Thursday, January 21, 2016

Team Work

Dear Prayer Partners,

Motorcycle Evangelism: Over the past year, the engine on my motorcycle has seized up 4 times.  Each time required a complete engine overhaul and an investigation into what was causing the problem.  Each time we thought we had the problem solved, but it would always reoccur. Over the course of long months of repairs, the Lord opened an opportunity to witness to my Muslim mechanic Halifa.  Shortly after discovering theat the problem was a clogged oil line, he invited me to his home so he could hear the Gospel.  After about an hour of Bible study and questions, Halifa made a profession of faith in Christ as his Savior. Please be in prayer for him as he begins to grow in the Lord.  His wife and family are all Muslims, so please pray for his testimony among them.

The Ties that Bind: We often sing about the blessing of the ties that bind us in Christian love, but Satan has ties that bind as well.  Several months ago I had the privilege of baptizing a Barabaig man named James, but recently his father declared that none of his family would be allowed to attend our church.  Although James is married and on his own, culturally, familial ties are very strong, and fathers can order their adult children to do as they please.  Often disobedience results in fines or banishment from tribal protections.  Unfortunately James has not returned to church since.  Please pray for James that he would not be offended because of persecution and affliction for the Word’s sake.

A Helping Hand: Please also be in prayer for a young Bible college graduate named Emanuel Karera (Ema for short).  He has agreed to move to Mapea and assist with the church plant.  The Lord has opened a door for us to build a small two room house near the church
 for Ema to live in.  Pray for Ema as he adjusts to Mapea.  Also, pray for our growing team- Barakieli, Ema, and myself, that we would be united together in humble Christian love, and that the Gospel would go forth with great power in Mapea as a result.

Together for His Glory,

Aaron & Nicole Shipe