Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Baptismal Tank

Dear Prayer Partners,

Baptismal Tank: It was a day of great rejoicing when we were able to baptize 8 new Christians! The problem we faced, however, was how to baptize without a safe lake or river.  In the past we would load the entire church body into two cars and travel 20 miles to Lake Babati where the water is safe to baptize (even if there are some hippos).  However, not only is this expensive, but also  it was so far away that it made baptism no longer a testimony in the community.  Barakieli thought of a clever way for us to save money and be able to baptize right at our church property.  Using his welding skills, he welded two 50 gallon drums together lengthwise , and then cut the top third off.  When filled with water from a local well, we were able to baptize with almost no expense and right in the community we are ministering in. Please pray for these young believers, that they will continue to grow in the Lord (pictured from left are Mama Jackie, Mama Yolanda, Baba Yolanda, Samsoni, Mama Samsoni, Mama Haruni, Mama Godifry, and Yolanda).
Motorcycle Mechanic: Please continue to keep Halifa in your prayers.  Just two weeks ago he was diagnosed with tuberculosis.  Please pray that Halifa will grow in the Lord through this sickness.

Fishing “Lures”: Nicole (Mama Anna as she is called by the neighbors here) has a weekly Bible study with roughly 30 children and teenagers.  It initially started with just a few neighbor kids who would plead for cake from Mama Anna. Nicole realized that her cakes would be a great lure for bringing the Gospel to our neighbors. After teaching from God’s Word, she gives them a homemade treat. She tells them, “Cake is sweet, but God’s Word is much sweeter.” Many of the young people that come for the Saturday Bible time come from Muslim homes. Please pray that the Word of God would do its life-changing work in the lives of these young people
Team Update: We are very thankful for the addition of Emanuel (Ema) Karera (right) to our ministry team.  He has proven himself already to be an able evangelist and gifted teacher of the Word.  Please pray for God to equip and prepare him for further service for His great name sake.

Together for His Glory,

Aaron & Nicole Shipe