Monday, May 27, 2013

Preparing to Build

Dear Prayer Partners,

The building project:
Although we are thankful for the building God has allowed us to meet in as a church, we have to admit that its life span is quickly nearing an end. Therefore, for the last two years we have been saving money and seeking the official deed to the property. We thank God that as of last week, the deed to the property is officially in our hands! Also, we have saved up nearly 1.2 million shillings ($738). Although we are truly thankful for the many offers of financial support, we are seeking to build without any financial support from outside of our own small body of believers. We desire to establish a pattern for church planting that is reproduceable and therefore, independent of outside funds. This has slowed down the process of building, but also has enabled us to build a sense of community within the church as they come together and volunteer their time, energies, and abilities to clearing the land, developing a blueprint, making bricks, etc. Please continue to pray for us to have wisdom to use our limited resources as prudently as possible.
You can’t inherit Salvation:
Since our very first service, one young man(Jared, aged 19) has attended our church faithfully with his parents, but he himself had never repented of his sins and trusted in Christ as his Savior. Although I and others had shared the Gospel with him numerous times, and his parents are wonderful godly Christians, he always refused saying he wasn’t ready. That is until last month, when he agreed to meet me privately in our old termite-eaten church building. There he bowed his head and with tears in his eyes, he confessed his sin to the Lord and asked for forgiveness through the blood of Christ. The following Sunday at the end of the service, he stood and testified to the church that he was now a follower of Christ. Please pray for Jared and several others (Jackson, Jessica, Saidi, and Michael) who we hope to baptize in three weeks.

Dependent upon and thankful for your prayers,

Aaron and Nicole Shipe

P.S. We plan to be home for furlough from January-June of 2014. If you would like us to visit your church please contact us at the e-mail listed below.