Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Beginning of a Work

Dear Prayer Partners,

Home Sweet Home- Babati: We are officially moved into our home in the town of Babati, and we thank God for His protection and direction of us as we returned to Tanzania.  Babati is the nearest town to the village of Magugu where we desire to begin a church plant.  It has been our plan to build a home in the village of Magugu, but our plans are on hold due to some recent legal issues that have arisen.  So, for the time being, we are living in Babati and driving the 25 minutes to Magugu to evangelize.  

Bible College: Being in Babati has also put us closer to the Bible College, 25 minutes on the other side of Babati in the village of Bonga, and has opened up an opportunity to teach a course on Pastoral Theology.  Please pray for these students that God would ground them in His Word and prepare them to stand firm against the many forms of false doctrine that surround them and their ministries. Please also pray for me that God would grant me wisdom and greater proficiency in Swahili.

Team Work: I have always felt that a team ministering together is always more efficient than any single person.  With that in mind, God has begun raising up a team for the work in Magugu.  Pray for one elder gentleman named Barakieli from our church in Ndatu and a young Bible College graduate named John who have both agreed to help with the work in Magugu.  Barakieli has been involved in evangelistic efforts for many years among the Massai tribe and feels burdened now to help among the Datooga.  John has lived for a couple of years in the very subburb of Magugu that we are targeting called Mapea.  He has asked permission to help us with the church plant.  Both of these men come from different tribes and different generations, but I believe God has brought them together in His wisdom and plan.  Pray for wisdom and direction, as well as a spirit of love and unity to pervade in our “team”.

Your Fellow Laborers,

Aaron and Nicole Shipe