Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Happy Birthday Church

17 November,  2015

Dear Prayer Partners,

Baptism: Since our last letter, our church has seen several special occassions.  One of the most significant was a baptismal service in which six believers chose to step into the water.  Obeying the command to baptize disciples of Christ is always a joyful time for the church.  One highlight of the day was baptizing a Datooga man named James (right), who I had the privilege to lead to the Lord. Pray for James because his wife is not supportive of his decision to follow Christ.  Another highlight was baptizing Jumanne (left), a former Muslim man who I mentioned several months ago.  Jumanne continues to make strides in his Christian walk.  Be in prayer for him as he pepares for marriage next year. 
Birthday Party for the Church: Two Sundays ago our church celebrated its first birthday with our largest attendance to date with over 40 adults and 30 children in attendance!  While we enjoyed  cake and soda, several church members shared testimonies of what God has done in their lives during this past year.  It was a joyous time of thanksgiving for what the Lord has done and anticipation of what He will do this coming year.

Marriage Trouble: Marriages in Mapea are in an abysmal condition with much polygamy, adultery, immorality. Pray for our Sunday afternoon marriage classes. Below are a sampling of some recent questions and comments from these classes. “Pastor, shouldn’t husbands beat disrespectful wives?” “Pastor, if we love our wives like God loves us, our wives will take advantage of our kindness and leave us with all the household work.” “Pastor, how do you get my husband, who has two other wives and who kicked me out of the home 40 years ago, to repent?” We covet earnestly your prayers for us.

Together In Him,

Aaron & Nicole Shipe