Friday, April 11, 2014

On the Road Again

Dear Prayer Partners,
On the Road:
Since the end of January, we have been to fourteen churches in seven states. Travelling together with seven children has its challenges, but it has been a great blessing as well.  Not only have we been blessed to meet and reconnect with a number of wonderful fellow believers and minister in a variety of settings, but also we have had the privilege of enjoying a significant quantity of time together as a family.   
Continued Progress:
Over the past several months, we have shared with you the progress of the building project in Ndatu.  We rejoiced to hear that the progress continues, and at this point the walls are n

early completed.  The exciting thing about this project has been the complete absence of outside funds with a total dependence upon the Lord to provide. 
He Who Has Ears to Hear:
I don’t often include family information in our prayer letters, but because many of you have been praying for our daughter Erin (who has battled ear infections almost constantly for several years), I would like to share with you a significant answer to prayer.  We were concerned that as a result of such long term ear trauma she might have permanent hearing loss.  However, praise be to God, the audiologist recently told us that she has no hearing loss whatsoever. Thank you for your prayers for her. Please continue to pray for safety as we travel, an agreement with a landlord to rent a home in the new village of Babati, and for wisdom and an open door among the Datooga people as we begin a new phase of ministry.

In Christ,
Aaron and Nicole Shipe