Friday, May 11, 2012

“For as the rain . . . . so shall My Word be . . .” These past two months have been busy and full of God’s blessing in a variety of ways. The rains have come and brought with them the blessings of new life and cooler tempertures. Everything we see around is green and growing rapidly. Like the rains, we have seen the water of the Word of God bring new life to two more young men (Gupta and Furedi). These two neighbors of ours have played with our children, done projects with my tools, sewed their clothes with Nicole, and for the past 3 months been coming to church with us regularly. Recently, I began a weekly Bible study time with them and two others (Saidi and Michael- who accepted Christ a couple months ago); the first two lessons dealt with salvation. After learning about the Biblical teaching of salvation, both repented of their sins and trusted in Christ as their Savior. Please pray for further Biblical growth from these four young men. They have stated that they need to be baptized, so pray for courage for them to follow the Lord in this step of obedience. Saidi, Furedi, and Gupta are brothers; please pray for the salvation of the remainder of their family. I have begun to develop a relationship with their father Hussein, and he has agreed to come to church with us soon—maybe for their baptism. Leadership Training: If you remember from our last letter, we were anticipating Pastor Jim Glasscock from Marion Center, PA coming to teach the Pastors and church leaders of the GFF Baptist Chuches. God blessed, and from 8:30 in the morning until 4:00 in the afternoon with only small breaks for tea and lunch, Pastor Glasscock faithfully taught the Word of God for three exhausting days. It was a blessing to have one of the men of our church, Baba Jared, be able to take time off from his work schedule and sit under the teaching of God’s Word. Thank you for your prayers to this end. Church Plant Progress: God continues to bless in the church plant of Kanisa la Kibaptisti Ndatu. Last week we had so many people in the morning service that we were forced to bring in extra chairs, and I had two kids on my lap just to make enough room for everyone. We also had 43 children between the ages of 3-10 who came for Children’s Church. Please pray for us as we seek to minister to the many children there. Most are very attentive and respectful, but just a handful have been causing us repeated trouble. Please pray for wisdom as we seek to handle this situation in a God-honoring way. Especially pray for the salvation of one young boy name Victor who is the instigator of most of the trouble. Also continue to pray for the building project. We are trying to obtain the official deed to the property in order to come to an agreement on the borders of the property with our neighbors before we move forward with building. We are thrilled with the faithfulness of the church members in giving to the Lord’s work. The church account has climbed to over 600,000 shillings (or just under $400), and we are nearing the point where we can begin building. Please also pray for the salvation of a 15 year-old Muslim girl named Saida. She had refused to come to church for several months, but these past two weeks has been to every service. Thank you again for your faithful partnership with us in prayer! Serving a Sovereign God, Aaron & Nicole Shipe Aaron, Michael, Saidi, Ben, and Furedi praying before a Bible study