Friday, September 4, 2009

Who Will Tell Them?

Recently as I was speaking to Rodney Myers, the veteran missionary we will be partnering with, he informed me that the number of Datooga is far greater than I had formerly thought. He said the best estimates are between 250,000-400,000! What a thought! There are over a quarter million people spread over thousands of square miles with no knowledge of the Gospel, and no churches to take the Gospel to them. In contrast, as we travel we are regularly amazed by the number of churches we pass. Although we know that many, if not most, of those churches no longer preach the Gospel, many still do! We can't even fathom a city of a quarter million people without a single church.

Currently the situation is made even more dire because the Myers are home on a much needed furlough, and we are still months from raising the necessary support to move to Tanzania. Would you pray for us that we might quickly be able to raise our support so we can bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to the Datooga who now sit in darkness? Would you also pray that God would, even now, send His Holy Spirit and convict the Datooga of their sins and prepare them to receive the Gospel when it is brought to them? Would you pray that one day soon, the Datooga territory would be dotted with churches much like we see as we travel around the United States?