Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Dear Prayer Partners,

Partners: The last couple months have been very busy with our partners back in the States for a brief visit, but as we look forward to their return to Tanzania in just over a week, we are reminded of how important partnership in ministry is. Perhaps you remember the elderly gentleman in a wheelchair that we baptized two years ago (Mzee Ndeoya). Two weeks ago he went home to be with his Lord and Savior.  Over 500 people showed up for the funeral and heard a clear presentation of the Gospel.  Please be in prayer for continued fruit from the funeral of Mzee Ndeoya as well as a Spirit-filled Tanzanian man to take over that ministry.
Mzee Ndeoya after his baptism 2 years ago
I Need Roots: For several months, I have been praying for a young Muslim man (Jumanne) who comes to our house twice a week to do odd jobs.  About a month ago, I had a good opportunity to share the Gospel with him, and give him a tract along with the book of Romans.  He agreed to read it and to talk with me further another day.  Last week he came to me in the morning and said, “Do you see how these trees have roots to help them stand up?  I too need roots to help me stand spiritually.  I want to become a Christian.”  We sat down and read several Scriptures together, and then Jumanne confessed his faith in Jesus Christ as His Lord. He described the message of salvation like a light shining in a dark room to show him the way to escape. This Sunday he came to church with us where he declared his faith in Christ publicly.  Please pray for Jumanne that he would grow in love for Christ and obedience to Him.
Mzee Barakieli
Barakieli: Last year I shared with you about Barakieli, an older man who agreed to move to Mapea from Ndatu to help with the church plant.  Barakieli continues to labor in Mapea, and through his efforts our young church has made significant in-roads into the community. Every single day he goes out and witnesses to people in the community.  Please continue to pray for him that God would provide for his needs and continue to use him to draw men and women to Christ.

Together In Him,
Aaron & Nicole Shipe
P.S. We also have a new address.  You can send snail-mail to P.O. Box 45, Babati, Tanzania